This statement is published on page 51 of the San Francisco Voter Guide for November 7, 2006:

  I have a graduate degree from Loyola University, New Orleans, and an undergraduate degree from George Washington University.

  I am running for the Community College Board of Trustees based on my academic and professional background and because I am also a student at City College. I have spoken with numerous students, faculty, and employees about the district. They have given me great insight in what they want from the system and the real problems that they face.

  Members of the current board have served for many years and have become detached from the realities facing students, faculty, and staff, and have become complacent to the oncoming challenges of the district. The Board needs someone who has faced the day-to-day problems that CCSF faces whether it be exams, classroom conditions, lack of facilities, or registration problems. The Board needs new blood, and it needs a voice who knows the faces of all of the CCSF family as people rather than statistics.

  In conclusion, the Board of Trustees needs a member who has seen the actual results of policy rather than just setting policy.

Please vote for me this November.

Johnny D. Knadler