Vote Johnny Knadler

San Francisco Community College Board

November 7, 2006

Dear Friends,

I am running for Community College Board of San Francisco. I hope I can count on your support. Please vote for me in the San Francisco general election on Tuesday, November 7. My name is listed second under the Community College Board heading.

As an attorney and the only candidate currently enrolled at City College, I will be the voice for students.  The current Board members are out of touch and do not know what problems students face at City College.  In fact, they only know students as statistics on their budgetary allocations.  It is time to elect a real representative to the Community College Board!

My platform includes:

                       Making students the top priority of the Board rather than an afterthought

                       Fiscal responsibility instead of budget deficits and wasted money

                       Lower fees to make City College affordable to all

                       Renovate facilities that have been ignored for years

                       New equipment and computers to replace out-of-date ones

The current Board is filled with career politicians more concerned with re-election than putting students first.  Rather than making students a priority, the Board has allowed facilities to fall apart; it has run a budgetary deficit; and it hasn't replaced old computers or lab equipment in years.  Don't re-elect the same people who let this happen.  It is time to send the incumbents packing and replace them with someone who cares. It is time to send a new voice to the Board, a voice that speaks for the students rather than to the students.

Don't re-elect career politicians!

Vote for a New Voice that means new equipment, lower fees, and a better education.